Buffet Bass Clarinet in the key of C (NOT low C)


Buffet Bass Clarinet in the key of C (NOT low C)


This is a Buffet bass clarinet in the key of C. Yes, it is actually in the key of C. Serial #? (Unable to read clearly)  It is very old and has a lot of wear. There was a crack in the upper joint that was repaired many years ago. It was pinned and flush banded. It has newer corks and felts. It goes down to the low E (it does not have the low Eb key). It plays as it is. There is a patch on the bell. It comes with a case and mouthpiece which are not the original. If you would like to come a play test it before you purchase it, please call (518) 399-3396 to make an appointment.

Available for local pick up or shipping. Sometimes the shipping calculator overcharges, if the shipping is over by more than a few dollars, I will send you a refund for the shipping.

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 14 × 9 in


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