It All Started When I Was Sixteen

I bought my second trumpet, then my third and then my fourth, until I had twelve. It was time to sell some of them. I had so much fun selling them, that I expanded to buying and selling all of the brass and woodwind instruments. The next thing to do was to go to college. Yes, there are a few colleges that teach band instrument repair. I went to Red Wing Technical College (now called Minnesota State College Southeast). I worked for 6 years in a small music store in Greenville, Michigan. Then I got married, moved to Upstate New York where I started a small repair shop.

I Have Enjoyed Repairing Instruments for the Past Twenty-Seven Years

You may think that I have seen it all after so many years, but I assure you I see new things all the time and I love learning new things.

At the repair shop, we offer repairs and restoration on brass and woodwind instruments, taking pride in restoring them to their former glory. We also offer band instrument repair tutorials in both group and private settings, as well as Zoom meetings, and have a variety of free YouTube training videos.

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